cropped-pheromone-nyctophilia-screen-1.jpgShe found his trails to be entertaining… But… He had her love and her new sister myxztryxz. Mexzmiriah, Oxzeanxzia’s most beautiful offering. Now she is the guardian of this place Wildernexz. Ixzeckia fell in love and swore to the night to never let her go. Her nocturnalxz stench was his only desire. So in the darkness he lo… He locked her away has she could ruin his agenda, of a new a day. But Nyctoiia saw this and was not pleased… So, She locked him away. She saved her sister. They ran wild and free, for a while… But Ixzeckia had more than the loss of his love, that drove him to denial… He escaped his prison and his sanity, He found a way to her beauty, her corrupted vanity. He was nearly a god, escaping the energies cold. He is Priexzte De Xzumia, Hero of the Bold. Nyctoiia saw him as more than a foe. He was strong and worthy of her blessing. Yet in his heritage and convictions, she was low. His nation and Empire; to the Myxztrii they did not sing. He knew the way to Inxzofia through Nyctology. He knew more of Nyctoiia than she wanted, but naturally… He found his way and confronted the thief of his love. How long before the Myxztrii had enough! Mexzmiriah’s sweet pheromones, stinking alike petrichor. Forever if there was a myxztryxz for everyone to adore. Screaming and shouting to fuck her more and more. And so he saw the beauty, of Nyctoiia. The Maker of Maxzines, Nocturnalxz and all of this. The Maker of Sadness and bliss. O, The Nightly Mother Nyctoiia. It was her time to rid Wildernexz of the Empire. And build it as she had desire. Now her love is tortured and raped; stoking the fire. And so he named the Nocturnal queen. He had taken Mexzmiriah to corrupt and ravish. Nyctoiia, was lost to the nightly sky unseen. From her earthly nyctophilia and wrong doings she is clean. A story to behold the queen of the Myxztrii is not finish. Star gazed eyes and intoxicated lips. From afar merely a constellation. Now within claws of darkness… Nyctophilia, her only temptation.

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Pheromone – Nyctophilia

Here is the first Official Game in the FPS series – Pheromone.
Be advised it does contain Adult Content.

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Arise Mexzmiriah

A soon to be release game. Arise Mexzmiriah. The game is a RTS/Third Person Hybrid. It follows the fight of Nyctoiia’s Maxzines as lead by Mexzmiriah against Ixzeckia’s horrible empire.

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